Monday, October 09, 2006

The Ulysses Factor and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Robin Knox-Johnston was born in 1939 and was the first man to sail around the world non-stop. He returned home to England received by a hero's welcome. Following the race around the world RKJ continued to move in the sailing community helping to teach children of all ages to sail on tall ships and continuing to race to a lessor degree. Amazingly, RKJ is setting of again at age 67 to race around the world.

The Ulysses Factor is a concept derived by J.R.L. Anderson in his work by the same title. it addresses the exploring instinct in man, or better put, what makes a man chose to journey? One of the factors inherent to the factor is that it does not diminish with age. RKJ was held up by Anderson as one modern example of a man who embodied the Ulysses Factor. I think RKJ has added substantial corroboration to Anderson's argument with his latest adventure.

To learn more about the first non-stop race around the world check out the book A Voyage for Madmen. You can find an Amazon link on the required reading page of my website. These guys sailed around the world when the sextant was the best means to fix your position. Just a reminder, gadgets are great, but they don't make the trip possible. That's your job.

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