Saturday, November 18, 2006

Planning to go sailing.

Every year there is a race called the Harvest Moon Regatta from Galveston Island to Port Anarnsas, TX. It's about a 150 mile offshore treck and takes from 20 - 30 hours depending on the conditions. Kris and I have missed this years run, but are gearing up to make our own. The total trip will be around 180 miles one way by my charting from Clear Lake to Port A. This will be a pretty good test for us and the boat as neither one of us has sailed a 24 hour passage before. We will still be in pretty close to land providing some margin of safety, but we will have to keep a 24 hour watch as the Gulf is cluttered with both lit and unlit oil platforms. They are pretty well marked on the map and between the GPS with our waypoints plugged in and the radar I think we will be fine. I've put togheter a short list of projects that I will check off before we take off.

Boat Projects Prior to Offshore Sale to Port Aransas

1. Spend day onboard with J.D. Sellers. Need to better understand fuel, mechanical, and electrical systems on board before going offshore. i.e. AC Panel, access to dipstick port, water maker usage, battery volt meter configuration, etc.

2. Tear down, clean, and grease old Barient Winches (x4).

3. Have EPIRB battery replaced. Expired 3 years ago, but tests OK.

4. Have Givens 6 man life raft inspected. May need to be replaced or in need of extensive repair.

5. Replace Roller Furling line. Very worn with UV damage.

6. Set up Jack Line configuration for offshore sail.

7. Replace Cowl vent lost overboard.

8. Test run dingy and inspect all fuel lines, cooling lines, and spark plugs on outboard before departure.

9. Acquire CO2 charged life jacket with harness attachment for jacklines.

10. Acquire all USCG required safety equipment. i.e. noise maker, flares, throwables

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