Saturday, December 23, 2006

Here are two inspiring Seniors. One of them is my Mom. Who would have guessed?

So I'll start with the non family member. Robin Knox-Johnston was born in 1939 and he has almost made it from the UK to Freemantle, Australia. He entered into the Velux 5 singlehanded ocean race this year and has had more than his share of setbacks, but he is doing it none the less. He is also the first man to sail around the world non stop. There was a cool story about the fruitcake he opened the first time he sailed round the Horn. Looks like he will get a chance to enjoy another one this time round. Cool story: For more info you might want to check out the book A Voyage for Madmen.

I was both lucky and cursed by having the type of parents who actually instilled the belief that I could do anything I wanted. I attribute any success I've had to the example they set for me both professionally and personally. I guess anyone can get bit by the sailing bug and at any time, including my Mom. She decided to short cut the learning curve just like I did and is going straight to an offshore sailing school. Check them out here: Good work Mom. I know you're going to love it. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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