Sunday, February 24, 2008

Planning ahead: Pork Chunks!

All is well, but I've been pulled back into my day job in order to get this trip paid for. I've still managed to answer a few questions surfing the web even if I am not physically working on the boat. One question was what kind of canned meats and cheeses were available in the U.S. for provisioning. I found a site called and made a small purchase. I can't wait to see how my pork chunks cook up. mmmmm. I couldn't resist and cracked right into one can of Kraft's pasteurized process cheddar cheese spread. This stuff is exactly what comes in the individual singles packs. Not bad, but I wouldn't want to live on it. It does make a mean grilled cheese sandwich.

Other than ordering chunked meat, I've been pulling together some charts showing the Central American Coast and three different cruising guides that cover my course from South Padre Island, TX all the way down and through the Panama Canal. I am having a hard time balancing how many stops I want to make along this trip. I'd love to hit every little port so I can see more of each country, but on the other hand picking a few ports will let me stay at each longer really getting to know them. I think I am already leaning towards the latter option. I did a whirl wind backpacking tour of Western Europe as far east as Prague when I was just out of college. It was a great trip, but it was too much to fit into 2 months. I think I'd rather get to know the people and places I visit more deeply than is possible with rapid fire visits down the coast. Yo necessito estudiar mi espaniol. Adios!



Melissa Zamora said...

I look forward to your trip's journal entries!

Anonymous said...

hey, that's spanish is good enough for boatyards and restuarants,so you can ditch the rest of it and spend more time fitting out. if you go to any other places, you'll just get in trouble anyway.....just kidding....
setting a e.t.a. is a good idea and it keeps you busy, but i've found getting ready usually takes more time than you think it will.....good to hear that you are still working cuz the $$$$$ are usually underestimated too.
good luck....bob...honolulu

Lee Winters Cruising Blogspot said...

Hey Bob,

No kidding on the underestimated time and money needed to pull a trip like this off. The good news is I was trying to leave last Nov. Ha, that means I've already overshot my departure by a year, but I've needed every minute and every penny I've made in that year. With 8 months to go I've got a lot of confidence in this departure date. Thanks for the comments!


S.V Bristol Rose said...

Thanks for the link to the canned food site. We too are planning to head to warmer climates at the end of 2008. Who knwo we might see you on the way. Good luck with yoru preparations.