Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I need your feedback! Leave comments, send email etc.

I sat down with Steven this morning to look over the ideas for the new web page layout. Two in particular stuck out. I am not telling you which one I like. They are pretty different and the text on each along with the pictures will change, but they both give an idea of the layout format. Let me know which one you like the most and most importantly, why.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Give me some real feedback on these. I need your help. You can comment directly on the blog by hitting "comment" below or email me directly at


Jason said...

First of all, they're both great designs. This is no presidential election where we decide who sucks less.

That being said, I think the second one is more visually interesting. And also provides a format that you could quickly freshen up the look of your home page just by swapping out the three photos displayed.

Colin said...

One thing to remember about page design is that the first page you show a reader needs to express the purpose of the rest of the site. I think the second design does this much better than the first in a couple of ways.

1. The pictures tell a story; There's a boat, there's a person on the boat, and he's visiting different places.

2. The text shows that this is not a "Corporate Presence" website, and has updated content. If the text is relevant to the current status of your trip, it makes the rest of the site feel real and engages the reader.

3. Your photo makes the site personal, and since you're smiling, shows you enjoy what you do and are welcoming the reader in to share that expirence.

Melissa Zamora said...

Option 2. hands down.

Anonymous said...

I like the first one it just looks better in my opinion

Anonymous said...

The second one gives the reader a glimspe of you and where you are heading.It draws the reader in to follow your adventures.

Mark Lehmann said...

The second one shows more variety and so immediately conveys more information, therefore you have more chance of "hooking" the new visitor.

Remember eyes are compelling. A face (human or animal) looking at us forces us to look back, instinctively. How about a picture of the kids you're helping?

Personally I think your colour scheme could be tweaked. Blue/grey is not stimulating and photos of boats give plenty of that anyway. I'm sure you can dream of something more. Think warm and friendly, tropical paradise or a topic meaningful to you.

We will all be coming back again and again so please make the current date apparent, and include a news headline that's catchy, don't get stuck on generic headline that applies to everything always and so doesn't need to change. In web pages change is good!

Try to make the elements of your page(s) work together. Overlap them or introduce a background element that gives the various parts order and draws our eyes around the page.

If fundraising is part of the object, where is your request for donations? How about a funds raised "thermometer" to give readers a target to build towards.

Lastly, we are forced to look at a rectangular screen, so some free flowing organic shape is a nice change. Please not this is all meant to be constructive, no negative thoughts here :)

bigggs said...

both look good. first one is easy and simple with taste. second is a bit more personal. personally i would go with #1

Huelbig out.