Saturday, August 02, 2008

Still on the road.

I got back from Philadelphia late last Friday night. I did laundry on Saturday and caught an early flight out Sunday morning. I thought I was heading home today, Thursday, but it turns out there is a meeting I need to be at in Thousand Oaks, CA tomorrow morning. So, I caught a flight out of Seattle bound for LAX instead of Houston.. Unfortunately I have to be in L.A. on Sunday for a demo Monday so instead of flying home this weekend I am just going to stay in CA.

In order to make the most of it I am renting a boat and sailing out to Catalina Island Saturday morning and will head back Sunday night. If I can’t sail my boat this weekend this is the next best thing. I am ready for some down time back on my boat. There are a thousand things to do and I want to keep my projects moving. The good news is it was a productive week on the road. I might close a few software deals and have a little walking cash for the cruise come November.

I’ve picked a date as well. November 13th. It’s a full moon and it falls on a Thursday. I’ll look for a 5 – 6 day weather window that surrounds the 13th and make a break for either Progresso or Campeche, Mexico. I’ve been practicing my limited Spanish in my mind in anticipation of using it. The travel is wearing me out, but I am excited.

Anyone want to go to Catalina Island this weekend? I tied the twitter feed on the right into my cell phone so I'll do mini blogs more often.

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gbeardjr said...

I was dock walking down at Waterford today and was going to check out your boat but couldn't find it. Which pier are you on. There is a potential hurricane that is going to get use Tuesday.