Friday, September 08, 2006

Anger, a coconut, and a goal

I am sitting on Kauai, one of the most beautiful islands of Hawaii, at the end of a vacation. I felt a little lost here at the beginning, almost as if I cheated arriving here by flying Hawaiian Air and not by sailing vessel. However, the beauty of the island quickly dissipated all hesitancy and sheer relaxation kicked in the first time I touched and swam with one of the many strangely elegant sea turtles in the coastal waters.

I experienced first hand how unchecked rage can bring down not just a vacation, but potentially a whole friendship. A simple fender bender turned one of our companions into a stark raving mad lunatic. I hope that I can use the experience as a reminder that regardless of the circumstances, the best course of action is always the one that truth dictates. Taking responsibility instead of shifting blame has always made me feel better by alleviating the problem rather than generating a new one on top of existing dilemmas.

On a high note, I used a long stick to knock down a beautiful green coconut from a short palm. It was a far greater effort than I first thought would be needed, but it was a serene experience on Secret Beach, one of the most picturesque beaches I have ever seen. The back drop was set against a churning stormy blue sea with white sandy beaches stretching up to sheer black basalt cliffs with a white light house on the cliffs that could have been plucked out of antiquity.

When we got back to our condo I used the only implement I had, a large kitchen knife, to “peel” the coconut open and made a crystalline coconut water, lime, and rum drink that satisfied in the way only a foraged meal can.

It is September 8th, just short of 9 months from my 31st birthday. If I really am going to set sail at the start of 2008 I need to make finding my boat a major priority. I think making the final purchase as close to my birthday as possible will add a realistic incentive to the goal and a nice touch to the day. I hope the next time I see Hawaii it is from the bow of my boat as the first Polynesians saw the islands.

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