Saturday, December 08, 2007

Slow going.

I’ve ordered the charts and am halfway done with my autopilot installation. My buddy Jason is flying in on the 27th and we are setting sale on the 28th for South Padre Island. There is a slew of work to be done and I’ll never get to it all as every project takes three times longer than I imagine it will. I think I’ve been fighting with my autopilot for almost three months now. Some of that is me just finding other small projects to work on. I can’t leave on this trip unless I have my autopilot in and my battery box rebuilt. Considering I have three weeks that shouldn’t be too much by any means.

The votes are in and Jargo is by far the front runner. The more I think about that name the more I like it. I’ve also never heard of another vessel named Jargo and Google searches turned up almost nothing on the name except for a bad German movie.

I need help. I still haven’t found a developer for the SOS website who has really sold me on their ideas or ability to do what I want. If you know anyone who is really good at both graphic design and the back end database coding please refer me to them. I am starting to feel the pinch of time. It’s less than a year before I need to be ready to sail. I’ve hit the financial goal I set for taking the trip, now I just need to make this old boat seaworthy.

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Kristen said...

Hi Lee
Submitting the article (and getting it published) was easy. I emailed Blue Water Sailing and asked them for their article requirements, then I wrote an article, edited, edited, edited, and submitted. They accepted and now they've accepted two more articles! It seems like magazines are happy to get submissions.

Good luck getting ready for your cruise. We have found that we couldn't prepare the boat enough. Do as much work as you can to get the boat ready, it's really hard to fix problems/add upgrades once you leave the US.

s/v Whisper