Friday, January 25, 2008

BM Boat Works, Y.E.S., and Blue Water Ships Store

I've had a few people asking me about who they can trust around Clear Lake, Texas for boat work. I've been through the ringer here knowing squat about boats when this all started. At first, I hired BM Boatworks, run by Ben Miller. BM did do a good job on some basic blister repair and the bottom job. I wouldn't use the same paint he used again but the work was fine. However, I was less happy about some electrical work he had done. The ST 60 instrument pack was installed well, but he didn't bother to run the wires along the existing wiring harness. They ran them across the water and fuel tank back to the board, the shortest distance and in my opinion poor quality work. I also purchased a 3K prop based on his recommendation that it would fit. It didn't. Fortunately MaxProp only charged me for the shipping. In short, bottom job, sure, anything else.....Call William Hensley at Blue Water Ships Store.

William Hensley used to work for Y.E.S., but Blue Water fired their entire service division and brought in William to rebuild it from the ground up. He is salt of the earth and will do the job correctly the first time at a reasonable price. I used to be evangelical about not using Blue Water which is kind of funny considering that is the only place I'll let my friends go now. Blue Water were the jack holes that tore out my old transmission and broke off a thru hull in the process leaving my boat with out power and slowly sinking. They then cut the line feeding the salt water wash down pump leaving my boat with air conditioning, but slowly sinking without power to get to a yard for haul out.

William fixed me up. I had to leave town for a business trip and they had the boat towed, thru hull replaced, and back in my slip in a day. The also reinstalled my new transmission in a day and it was perfectly done. In short, don't waste time or money going for a discount deal on boat work. Call Blue Water, but if William has moved on, I would too. And No, I am not affiliated with them in any way.

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