Sunday, January 27, 2008

My parents called my Lucky Lee…

Lucky Lee stuck for more than just the alliteration. I have a habit of falling into good things. I am lucky. Always have been, but then again I also believe that luck favors the prepared mind.

It’s Sunday morning and I am flying out to California for a business meeting tomorrow. I am on the cattle cars that fly the skies, Southwest Airlines, and settling into my seat I pulled out a book called Blue Latitudes. The next thing I hear is a voice from the passenger beside me saying she’d read it and wanting to know if I was a boater. With a cheerful voice I responded absolutely and that I was even crazy enough to live on a 39 foot sailboat. With that she sent an equally charming smile back my way and confirmed that she too lived on a 54 foot sailboat. I like this lady already.

As more and more people file onto the plane the previously empty seat between us gets taken by another business traveler not all too thrilled to be sitting between us. Mostly immune, we carry on as she fills me in on the details of her 3 year cruise from California down Mexico, out to the South Pacific Isles, up to Hawaii and back. We’ve been sharing boat pictures on our laptops and of course I am full of questions in anticipation of my own cruise.

Now, sailors are typically always pawning off the dog eared copies of the various sailing mags we have about us. I wasn’t all that surprised, but very grateful when she reached into her backpack and pulled out a recently read copy of Latitudes and Attitudes. She indicated she’d been looking for a person to give it too and that she worked for the magazine. Robin, as I should be addressing her, then asked me to send in a picture and she’d get it in for me. Little did I know I was sitting next to the Publishing Manager for one of the top two cruising magazines. What a break.

My new evening project will be to pull together a quick and dirty press kit to send to Robin. I’ve been reading through the sailing mags websites looking for contacts exactly like Robin and now I come to find myself sitting next to the person I’ve been looking for. I really need my logo and web page up so I can start drumming up some interest in the SOS Adventure. My dad always used the old cliché, “I’d rather be lucky than good any day”. I am hoping I can be both.

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