Friday, May 09, 2008

Projects, projects, projects.

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a little while. I’d actually cranked out two new entries, but somehow they were not on my laptop any longer when I went to finally post them. I don’t have many IT problems considering I sell software so this one kind of befuddled me. Oh well.

I am back from a week on the road in Seattle for work. I’ve got a lot of history wrapped up in that town. I kind of felt like I was chasing ghosts around the restaurants, pubs, and hotels near the Pike Market. I met and somehow lost someone very special in that city years ago. Oddly enough, we reconnected over the phone this week and it was good to hear her voice.

I am back on the boat now, and after a day that reminded me why I don’t want to sell my days to the corporate world, am ready to dig in full force on boat repairs. Here is the immediate plan of attack. First, use the borrowed Electrician’s Fish Tape to run a new messenger up the mizzen mast and get the radar signal cable run. This project is starting to drag on longer than the eternal autopilot instillation. I am really hoping I can do it with the Fish Tape so I don’t have to pull the mast. Second, pull the old, rusty windless off the bow of the boat and get it over to the powder coater. She is a great manual windless that is incredibly oversized for my boat and I love it. It’s got lots of rust scale, but it’s a beautiful piece of machinery. Third, I’ve got to paint my dingy. That’s right. I have to paint it. No, not the tops but the bottom. See, if you leave a dingy unused for too long it starts to grow barnacles and sea grass. So, I’ll paint the bottom with anti-fouling paint to keep it nice and clean. Now I just have to scrub off all of the weed that’s already accumulated.

Nose to the grindstone time. I can hear the clock ticking.

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