Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Weeks

I’ve taken this week and next week off of work and will be focusing on boat projects. I’ve got projects lined up and ready to go as soon as I start giving them some attention. I am kicking today off with the installation of my new Garmin GPSMAP 545. I’ll follow that up with new gauges and alarms for the oil pressure and engine coolant temperature. After that comes another trip up the mast to redo the main boom topping lift. I bought a rebuild kit for the water maker and will try to bring that system back to life. I am excited. Big progress coming.

Not much new on the Cynthia Woods investigation from below. It does look like the keel was brought up with the keel bolts and backing plates still attached. I am not investigator, but that tells me that the fiberglass on the hull of the boat failed where the keel was bolted. It’s rumored that the backing plates were undersized and should have had one large plate for the installation instead of single smaller plates for each bolt. You can think of the backing plates kind of like big washers on smaller nuts and bolts. They distribute the load of the keel across a larger surface area.

Go Sailing.


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