Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tomorrow’s TO DO List

Almost my entire day today went to working for Thermo. It’s OK since I still need to pay for everything, but I feel really behind on my projects for this week. I just laid out my plan for tomorrow and probably a good deal of Friday. Here it is: Pump Out and flush the head lines, change engine oil and starboard racor fuel filter, pull two more loose sets of wires running aft on one side and to the engine on the other, pull the anchor and wash off the mud, install the new secondary anchor rode and line, rebed the cockpit scuppers, install the new shower bilge pump, run up the mast and fix the new boom topping lift, run the new reefing lines, and clean out and rebuild the old PUR Powersurvivor 35 Water Maker. I’ll be renaming her Jargo soon.

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