Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cool Hand Luke

I just heard the news, Paul Newman passed on.  I don't keep track much of popular culture, but Cool Hand Luke was a favorite movie of mine.  I was thinking about that character this morning over my coffee and found a question I could not answer.  Not to ruin the plot, but at the end Luke is shot down after escaping from prison for the third time.  Knowing what his fate would be, he ran anyway. 

I couldn't figure out if the story was about a man who chose to stay true to himself despite the ultimate consequence or did he ever have a choice to run?  I know, it's just a movie, but we did lose a pretty great actor.

Since Ike a strange lethargy settled over my preparations.  I thought it was just me, but after talking to my neighbors and friends down here it hit a lot of people.  I guess after the intense exertion of the storm and immediate clean up everyone just kind of collapsed once a basic return to normalcy had been achieved.

I got shaken out of it by an email from David Wilson, my new web guru and the admin for  He sent me an email saying he was almost done with the blogging tool that will allow me to update the new blog remotely while I am underway.  If a person who is volunteering their time is working to get me ready the least I can do is kick it back into high gear and do my part.

I am posting this blog from my new laptop that will be the ships computer once I am underway.  As soon as this is posted I'll clean up the decks and start laying down more blue tape so I can finish the non-skid painting project.

This past week was the close of my 3rd quarter.  For any salesman it's one of the busiest times of the year.  I had a good finish and now I've got some decisions to make.  It's about to get interesting.

It's a beautiful day.....get outside and enjoy it.



Overboard said...

I'm still totally flummoxed about how to use my Garmin with software like uh, forgot. What chart software are you going to be using?

p.s Paul Newman sure was handsome, even in his 80's
I also liked Steve McQueen.
Look at the mutts around these days! No comparision at all.

Lee Winters Cruising Blogspot said...

Did you just call me a Mutt? Hm....chart plotting software? I did use Offshore Navigator Lite which had an interface to my little Garmin handheld. It let me map the course on the PC then sync to GPS. Worked nicely, but I couldn't find electronic charts for that software package. Eventually I broke down and got black and white reproductions from Bellingham Chart Printers. Much cheaper and they don't need batteries or clean sine wave power. Here's to the old school ways. Now where did I put my sextant.....

Melissa Zamora said...

just keep shaking that bush!