Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike - The Aftermath

I finally fell asleep last night around 2:30 a.m. when the first of the eye wall passed. The next thing I remember hearing was my neighbor Gary yelling across the room, "wanna go check on the boats"? I shot up instantly and yelled back, "Yeah".

Driving from Webster to Kemah required more than average attention. Trees and billboards covered the road and there wasn't a traffic light anywhere that wasn't missing it's frame or hanging by a single wire, if it was there at all. We made it as far as Blue Water Ships Store on FM 2094 before the water became too high to take my truck into any further. We parked and prepared for the hike.

Walking down the road in knee deep water we made it to the back entrance thinking we could find an easy route. When we got to the marina edge we were greated with howling winds and the machine gun like flapping of dozens and dozens of sails that had come lose and were flapping violently in the 30 - 40 knot sustained winds. Gusts easily hit 60+. Water had risen over the bulkhead retaining wall making progress slow. Eventually we arrived at our docks.

I looked with extreme trepedation at the water that lie between us and the gangway that connected the bulkhead to the floating pier. It was pointing up at a 45 degree angle and we had a lot water to get through before we could figure out how to climb it. Gary waded into the water with the rest of us following and we worked our way onto the dock with water up to our chest.

I don't think my heart has ever been lighter than the moment I walked up to my slip and saw that boat riding easily to the wind. Not a line appeared to be out of place and I knew we had weathered the storm. The sudden reliefe makes the damage sustained at my office seem negligable. The "stuff" can be replaced. The boat, and plans, are still in tact.

To be flip video was lost to the surge when we worked out to the boats. I'll try to get some stills this afternoon.


Teena in Indiana said...


Can you tell me how the boats appeared to be at the Watergate Marina?

Don't know if you were able to see them from your Marina, but my son's 35 ft. sailboat is in a slip there at Watergate. They cannot get out to check on it, but were wondering if ANY of the 35 footers might have survived Ike there. They put the masts down and got it ready, but really feel the boat probably did not make it in that type of marina. Any info today would be helpful.

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Anonymous said...

good news. I live in New Orleans and the Marina where I had my boat had almost no boats survive Katrina. I was lucky as I was at the boat yard at the time. Boat survived with damage that was repaired. Will say as I have been in many storms here, that walking through waste high wind during 40 knots of wind is not wise, but glad you are ok. Besides if your boat is side too to the water you and three other guys would likely not be able to move is off a piling it is leaning against. Han an old 30 footer some years back that was only 7000 pounds and had 40 knot winds abeam in the slip and three of us burly guys could move her only one inch.

glad it worked out and you are still on your way.

will be watching.
Don't know what your track will be when you leave, but if you have to duck in and end up in the area drop me an email I am sure we can help with anything you might need.


Annie M said...

Thanks for the videos.

We live in Santa Fe, NM and have our boat, Annie M, an AMEL Mango ketch in slip 29 on pier 1 (the new floating pier).

Sorry about your office.

Would a appreciate a status report if you have the time.

Best Regards,

John and Anne