Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike - Photos from the Clear Lake & Kemah area

Here are the photos I got this afternoon. I finally got dry and without running water to take a shower I didn't want to go swimming in the salt water again. The city is pretty well shut down and road blocks are everywhere. Not a bad police presence. A few folks had asked for specific updates and my apologies if I haven't responded yet. Communications are spotty and I can only check things from a cell and a borrowed laptop on occasion connecting through a cell air card.....the old slow kind. Power is coming from a portable generator I bought that got delivered on Thursday. Got lucky there.

Waterford Harbor Marina. Water was 4 - 5 feet over the bulkead this morning. It looked really peacefull this afternoon compared to what we went through this morning. Overall, we fared excellently in this marina. On Nasa 1 there were a few marinas that were completely wiped out. Nothing left. Fixed piers on the North side of Clear Lake got hit hardest around here. If you were on a south side marina, especially Watergate, you have a fair chance of having a salvageable boat.

A tree in the front yard of the house we are staying at. Trees much bigger than this and everything smaller are down all over the place. Road crews have opened up the main roads really quickly. You still have to be carefull where you are going.

This is the scene at the intersection of 2094 and 146 a stones throw from the Kemah Boardwalk. Roads where shut down. I couldn't resist a shot of the evacuation route sign.

My friends and neighbors Gany and Lisa. These things are scattered everywhere. I've only seen one working traffic light in all of the Clear Lake Area.

This is on Nasa Road 1. Boats over here took a beating and reports say that the Marine Center here was wiped out. This sailboat came lose and grounded next to the Hilton. The hotel took quite a bit of damage and the marina behind it doesn't exist anymore.

In trying to get to Seabrook to check on a friends boat we found ourselves in the Home Depot and Target parking lot. It was a debris field. Here is a shot looking over another traffic light, not the one from the other picture, towards the Kemah Bridge.

These boats sit out in a field and have been there for years up on blocks. The surge got high enough to get at least one of them off. The sad part is a bunch of boats were put on blocks at the shipyard at Watergate Marina. We found them this morning scatted all over the place. Boats float. Don't put them on blocks when a storm surge is coming.

Typical structural damage all along Nasa Road 1. This side of the lake really took it hard. We though everyone was exaggerating about how bad this storm was. Turns out, we just lucked out.

We found almost every intersection looking just like this on the way to the marina this morning.

A resident of Clear Lake Shores looking over the debris in Kemah for any remnants that might have come from his house. There was no way for them to get to thier property as the water was, and is, still way too high. The first floor of most two story houses was completely covered. People were being brough out today by boat.

All over Houston billboards are down. We saw several of these in different states from unscathed to demolished.

The activity of the past few days is starting to catch up with me. Going offline for awhile so no worries if updates slow for a bit. Again, sorry if I didn't get back to everyone. Lots of questions and requests. We are alive, unhurt, and our homes - our boats, are OK.

P.S. For those who asked, my pup Georgia has no idea a hurricane even happened. She is happily sleeping on top of my feet as I write this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. On holiday in Canada when Ike decided to visit. Can actually see our mast standing tall in the marina.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos. Any idea how the boats at Boardwalk Marina faired? Those are floating docks, so I hope OK. Any word would be appreciated.

John H.

Teena in Indiana said...

Thanks Lee,

Voicemailed the info to my son. Hopefully their boat is either OK, or at least salvageble. Hopefully their cell is working to get the message.

Appreciate you helping others out with this information.


Andy said...

whew, glad we found your blog - my refugee in-laws live on their boat @ waterford (pier 17...but they moved the boat to 16 for the storm), and we've been having a hard time finding info specific to that location. thanks for easing our nerves.

if you happen to know, they're curious how their little blue BMW Z3 fared (in parking lot by tennis courts), as well as the "giant cruiseliner" powerboat that arrived on thursday and tied up across the water from them.

thanks again for the info!

Kent said...

Thanks for the pics. Do you know how Marina Bay Harbor fared.

Thanks again.

Guten Tag said...

Are the houses in Waterford Harbor flooded???

Stacy said...

Thanks for this update and photos, we have a house and boats in Waterford... no news photos. Stuck in a hotel in Dubai trying to get to Houston...

Anonymous said...

Lee, thanks to you my son is going to make the treck out to Watergate. He is ready to expect anything, but he said if there is a fair chance of it being salvaged, he want to get there now.

Hope he was one of the lucky ones!!

Thanks again for your blog.


Andrew Clark said...

Any news on Legend Point Marina or Clear Lake Shores. I live on Pine Road and keep "Oxbow" at legend point

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics...relieved to see Kemah still exists. How did the boardwalk area come out? And establishments further down like Claudios, Palapas, Monkey Bar? Any updates you post will be greatly appreciated!!!

Angelica said...

Hi Lee, I am happy to hear you are ok. Thank you for updates do we still have a Sandbar? How is Portofino Rest? Any Pics? Stay safe, Angelica