Saturday, September 20, 2008


It is not easy to strike me speechless. In fact, it's pretty damn hard. A couple of my readers figured out how to do it.

As I was walking down my dock I saw three good sized guys walking around my boat. One of them knocked and bellowed, "Lee Winters". I kind of figured I was in big trouble. Not being smart enough to choose the flight part of the fight or flight response I yelled over to them as I approached.

They quickly explained that two of them were boat owners in the Marina, but resided in Austin. When the media was reporting the area was a total loss they referred to my blog for specific updates on our area. In thanks, they handed me a brand new Flip Video Camera to replace the one I lost while wading to our docks.

I was so astonished I don't think I accurately expressed my gratitude. Fellas, Thank You. I still didn't get all of your names so please shoot me an email or comment here. It would be my pleasure to buy you a beer.


Overboard said...

You have no idea how useful your Ike reporting was for people. I was just saying to me friend in Texas that it was the bloggers, like you, who kept folks more informed of what was happening on the ground, before,during and after, than ever the media/govt got round to doing.
I know that a lot of my readers came over to your blog for updates, some of whom likely had boats/property in the damaged 'hood.
So thanks again. Your blog was a blessing for many during Ike.

Ivor said...

We'd love to take you up on that beer the next time we are in town. As long as it isn't that Pabst Blue Ribbon we've seen you drinking in some of your posted pictures. ;-) Again, it was our pleasure to be be able to say thank you in some small way for the ease of mind your blog gave us until we could get down to Waterford ourselves.

Ivor Green -S/V Asgard

Ivor said...

Oh...the other fellows name was Todd Martin S/V Shappy's Will