Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not the best of days.

I woke up early this morning ready to start knocking out projects with a vengeance.  It’s now 5:30 and I’ve only managed to plumb the fresh water deck plate to the fresh water holding tank.  This should have been a 2 hour job, tops.  After getting all the parts I needed I got the hoses run without a hitch.  I then went to drill the hole for the new fresh water fill fitting and that’s when it all went bad.  I don’t know what kind of aluminum they used, but this stuff is impossible to drill.  I attacked with a dremel diamond bit, rigid hole saw, and finally a knock out bit.  In the end I ruined both bits and my drill getting the whole cut.  Not to mention an extra hour trying to clean up all the metal shavings in the bottom of my water tank.  I am worried they might shred the fresh water pump.  I’ll be adding a couple of extra spares.  I taped a bag under the hole in the tank, but the shavings were so hot they melted through and fell to the bottom of the tank anyway. 


Rarely, very rarely, I am surprised at how quickly some projects go.  More often, like today, what I estimate at a two hour project turns into a full day fiasco.  I am going to back off for the rest of the day and hope tomorrow brings better boat karma.  My boat looks like a prison cell that just got tossed.  What a mess.


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Overboard said...

Ha ha ha. 'A two-hour project turns into a full day fiasco'.
Been there, done that.
Sometimes two-hour projects became two-month projects.
Thank gawd for cheap Mexican margaritas at the end of such days. said...

Hey Lee, don't forget so much work can be done once you leave - You'll have plenty of sunny days and time once you depart. I wouldn't stress or get yourself down on jobs that aren't directly to do with your safety and overall seaworthiness.

Anyway mate, you're getting closer! I should probably dig through your site a bit more, but tell me, what's your route at this stage? Are you heading for the Pacific for the 2009 season? Or sticking around the Caribbean?

Lee Winters Cruising Blogspot said...

Hey Nick,

I know you are right about not worrying about the little stuff. Not sure why I've been stressing so much. I am sure the preparing for the unknown is far worse that what I'll actually have to deal with along the way.

As for 2009 plans, they are tentative. I'll reply in more detail on FB.