Friday, October 17, 2008

Shopping List

I’ve got to go get a bunch of random small parts to clean up a bunch of random small projects.  Here is the list of parts and associated poject I am going out for this morning.


1.       Galvanized carabiners – used to hank the storm jib over the furled headsail

2.       23 ¼ inch long x 1.5 or 2 inch stainless steel tubing and flat end caps – making a security bar at the stove

3.       3M 4000 sealant – for the chainplate caps and stanchion rebidding projects

4.       Teflon tape – I just always run out of this stuff.  Immediate need for engine zinc replacement

5.       Engine zincs – these are sacrificial anodes that wear away instead of eating up the engine

6.       Plumbing parts for water tank and hose – I can’t believe the deck plate isn’t plumbed to the water tank.  It just dead ends in mid air.

7.       Boom cleat for Lazy Jack line – Old plastic one broke

8.       Heavy Duty zip ties – A must have, like duct tape.  Need them for cleaning up the electrical harness and hanging my lifeline netting

9.       1/8 or 3/16 piece of teak – Have to make a mounting plate for a remote radio speaker and microphone for the VHF.  Can’t hear it in the cockpit.

10.   Teflon Grease to lube the FaMet Roller Furling compression washer.


Busy day, but the progress feels good.


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Sailor Jerry said...

Just a thought but check Home Depot or the like for your stainless stove bar. They have 1-1/2" tubes bent on each end with mounts that are for tub/shower grab bars in various lenghts

byron said...

Lee: if you havent got the teak plates I have them. two 3/16 by 5" square. Im not using them. I am on pier 17, waterford. byron

Lee Winters Cruising Blogspot said...

Sailor Jerry - Good idea, but as always, I did it the hard way. It's pretty easy to buy Stainless Steel stock and cut to length. I picked up to end mounts for $11 each and blue water and she's done!

Byron - I really appreciate the offer. I just picked up some scrap that I've started fitting to place. If I mangle these I may be giving you a shout. Feel free to day hi if you see me around the marina. I am down on 13.

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