Monday, October 20, 2008

Reinforcements are on the way.

Saturday was a hard day.  Yesterday was better.  Today is even better yet.  I am way behind on boat projects, but am steadily chipping away at them day after day.  I hardly answer my phone right now.  The storm jib is ready to fly, the water tank is plumbed, the holding tank is in and finished, the mount is ready for the VHF remote at the helm, and I am steadily pulling and cleaning all the chain plate caps for rebidding.


Two of my best friends, Jason and Center, are in town this week starting tomorrow.  I was a little worried at first that this would throw me even further behind schedule, but I am putting Jason to work with me during the days while Center is in class.  Jason rebuilt a Jeep and sailed with me to South Padre over New Years.  I know he can take on a few projects of his own this week without much input from me.  Plus it will make it much easier to pull the stanchion bases for rebidding and go aloft to change all the navigation light bulbs and mount the fixed radar reflectors.  Holy crap I’ve got a lot to do.


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